Tips from the Pie Masters


All The Ripe Ingredients
from Johnny Ripe

Hear top pie making tips from Johnny Ripe, renowned pie makers from the Mornington Peninsula on how to take your homemade pies to the next level.

Q. Tell us a little bit about Johnny Ripe. 
A. Johnny ripe is a wholesale bakery but the difference is that it's run by chefs that refuse to take shortcuts and will only use quality ingredients. We are passionate about surrounding ourselves with like minded people. Our team, suppliers and stockists all play an important role to us. We started Johnny ripe in 2011, and worked out that keeping it simple but quality was key. Having grown up in bakeries we had a knack for knowing what an area needed.

Q. What is the most popular pie and why?
A. All our pies are popular however it's the apple pie that people talk about the most. We are very lucky to be able to use mock orchards apples which are a biodynamic orchard on the peninsula.

Q. Share with us a few tips on how to bake the perfect pie.
A. Some of the secrets behind the perfect pie are quality ingredients, apples, real butter & consistency is key. Working fast if the weather or conditions are warm, and it sounds a bit mad but believing that you can do it! If you're in touch with what you're doing it generally works out.

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