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Explore our curated range of premium coffee plungers & French presses that elevate your coffee moments.

Ready to take the plunge and embrace the art of slow brewing? Minimax brings you a collection of premium French presses and coffee plungers online crafted to unlock the full potential of your coffee beans. Explore iconic brands like Bodum, discover double-walled insulation, and express your style with plungers in various colours. Explore the range today and elevate every coffee with Minimax.

Why Choose a Premium Plunger?

Beyond just a coffee maker, the French press is an invitation to slow down, savour the ritual, and rediscover the pure joy of a well-brewed cup. At Minimax, we elevate this experience with premium coffee plungers crafted for richer, fuller flavour through immersion brewing. Take control of your ritual with customisation options like grind size, brewing time, and water temperature using our coffee-making supplies, turning each cup into a mindful moment of calm and focus. Invest in durable artistry with high-quality materials built to last and become cherished companions in your kitchen.

Minimax curates experiences, not just coffee plungers, so rediscover the joy of brewing, one delicious cup at a time.

Skip the Wait, Take the Plunge

Experience the reliability of our efficient delivery service, ensuring your premium French Press arrives promptly for immediate use in your coffee-making rituals. Understanding the importance of having the right tools, we make the delivery of your chosen coffee plunger as efficient as possible.

Save time with our convenient "Click and Collect" option. Simply browse our online store, choose your preferred French press, and collect it at your nearest Minimax store. It's a seamless way to elevate your everyday sip.

Minimax is your portal to coffee plunger paradise, offering a curated collection crafted for the ultimate brewing experience. Whether you're a seasoned French press pro or a curious newcomer, we have the perfect plunge to elevate your daily rituals.

Discover exquisite coffee plungers and French presses online, crafted from high-quality materials like glass, stainless steel, and BPA-free plastic. These beauties are built to last, becoming cherished companions in your kitchen.