Digitally Wrap and Send a Present with Gift Flick

Your loved one will be able to experience the excitement of opening the present in real time, while they wait for the physical item to arrive. Plus, you’ll be able to customise your gift with messages and photos that make it special, creating a truly unique and meaningful gift-giving experience.

Minimax Gift Guide | Minimax X Gift Flick

What is Gift Flick and How Does it Work?

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Minimax is teaming up with Gift Flick to offer more flexibility in gift giving online.

Gift Flick allows you to email or instant message the gift as a personalised video story, then the recipient can digitally “unwrap” the gift ahead of it arriving in the mail.

This way you can purchase a gift online right up until the last minute (on birthday, Valentine's day or a Christmas day), also you can still send gifts after our delivery cut-off dates!

All you need to do is click the Send as an Instant Gift button on our site. Watch the video or follow the instructions below.

How to Send a Present with Gift Flick?

1. Choose a Gift 

Select the perfect gift for the recipient. 

2. Personalise it 

Add custom text, a pic or video to make the gift reveal special.

3. Send it (digitally)

After you check out you will receive a shareable link to send your personalised gift video via sms or email or messenger. 

4. They receive the gift

They digitally unwrap the gift instantly while we ship the gift to the address you nominated. 

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Minimax Gift Guide | Minimax X Gift Flick