From the refinement of its brushed stainless steel utensils to the beautiful practicality of its cast aluminium stockpots and non-stick sautés, few can match the appeal of the Scanpan cookware range at Minimax.

Manufactured in Europe, Scanpan epitomises Danish design, utility and a commitment to wellbeing through its unique PFOA-free, ceramic titanium GreenTek coating. But what’s it like to cook with? Simply heavenly. As well as being beautifully balanced, Scanpan cookware features exceptional heat distribution and the non-stick surface allows for healthier cooking by significantly reducing the need for fat and oil. What’s more, Scanpan uses only environmentally-friendly liquid aluminium in its castings so not only will your Scanpan from Minimax bring you a greater kitchen experience, but also greater piece-of-mind.