Ramen Recipe


Easy miso ramen 

An easy weeknight ramen. This all comes together in half an hour, leaving you with a delicious salty, sweet, morish broth full of noodles, buttery sweet corn and flavoursome marinated eggs. Don’t be put off by the long list of ingredients and feel free to chop and change the toppings based on what you have on hand. 

Prep Time 15 minutes 

 Cook Time 10 minutes 

 Serves 4


Soup base  

30g butter 2 garlic cloves, grated
 1 tbsp ginger, grated
  1.5 litres vegetable stock
  4 tbsp white miso
  2 tsp brown sugar
 2 tbsp soy sauce
 2 tbsp mirin
  1 tbsp gochujang (optional)

Soy marinated eggs

 4 eggs
 80ml soy sauce
 1 tbsp white vinegar
 1 tbsp caster sugar


20g butter
 1 cob of corn, kernels removed
  1 bunch asian greens
 8 shiitake mushrooms
 200g ramen noodles
 4 marinated eggs, cut in half 
 200g tofu, marinated, sliced 
2 spring onion, finely chopped
 1 sheet of nori, cut into 4


To make the marinated soy egg 

1. In a large jar or container, place the soy sauce, white vinegar and sugar. Stir to combine. 

2. Bring a small pot of water to the boil. Drop the eggs in and cook for 7 minutes.  

3. Transfer immediately to a bowl of water with ice to chill and stop the cooking process. Once cooled, peel and place in the soy sauce mixture. Marinate for at least 4 hours or even better, overnight.  

These will keep for 5 days in the fridge. 

 Make the soup 

1. In a large saucepan, heat the butter over a medium heat. 

2. Add the garlic and ginger and saute for 2-3 minute or until smelling fragrant.  

3. Add the stock, miso, soy sauce, mirin, sugar and gojuchang (if using). Bring to the boil and simmer for 10-20 minutes. Meanwhile prepare the toppings. 


1. Heat butter in a medium fry-pan over medium to high heat. Once hot, add the corn. Saute and toss in the butter until beginning to char. Transfer to a plate and reheat the pan. Saute the shiitake mushrooms with a dash of soy sauce until brown, set aside. 

2. Blanch or steam the asian greens until tender. 

3. Cook the noodles according to packet instructions, transfer amongst 4 bowls. 

4. Bring the soup to a rolling boil. Once boiling, divide soup amongst the 4 bowls 

5. Top each bowl with sliced tofu, greens, buttered corn, marinated egg and mushrooms. Sprinkle with spring onion, place a quarter nori sheet on the side. Enjoy!