Brewing Happiness: A Guide to Building A Coffee Station at Home

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Imagine the aroma of freshly ground beans filling your kitchen, the sound of a kettle coming to a boil, and the anticipation of that first invigorating sip. There's something undeniably magical about having a dedicated space for brewing your own coffee. In this haven, you can craft the perfect cup to kickstart your day, fuel your creativity, or simply unwind in peaceful solitude.

At Minimax, we understand the allure of having a coffee station at home, a space that reflects your style and taste as much as it satisfies your caffeine cravings. This guide is your blueprint for crafting the perfect kitchen coffee station, a sanctuary for brewing rituals.

Brewing Happiness: A Guide to Building A Coffee Station at Home | Minimax

Choose Your Coffee Method

Does the gentle gurgle of a stovetop percolator or the dramatic hiss of an espresso machine speak to your soul? Your choice of brewing determines the heart of your kitchen coffee station.

Espresso Dreams

Imagine the hiss, the steam, the latte art. Research and find your dream espresso machine. Automatic grinders, frothers, and programmable bliss await. While we may not stock the specialised espresso machines found in cafes, our selection still equips you with the essentials to brew a cup of coffee that's just as good as those at your favourite local spot. With our grinders, coffee-making equipment, mugs, brewing tips and more, your perfect coffee ritual can still start here.

Brewing Happiness: A Guide to Building A Coffee Station at Home | Minimax

Immerse Yourself in French Press:

Immerse your senses in the flavour potential of coffee thanks to the French press's full-immersion brewing method, which extracts rich oils and subtle aromas from the ground beans for a deeply satisfying cup. If this ritual sounds like bliss, explore our range of French press options. Elevate your morning routine with the iconic and spacious design of the Bodum Brazil 8 Cup Plunger, crafted from hand-blown glass and polished stainless steel for pure brewing luxury.

Brewing Happiness: A Guide to Building A Coffee Station at Home | Minimax

Unleash the Pour-Over Prowess:

For purists seeking a clean, flavourful cup, pour-over coffee reigns supreme. It's an art that's surprisingly simple, fast, and wallet-friendly. You only need a coffee cone, filter paper, and a trusty kettle. Gently pour hot water over freshly ground beans, and as the brew slowly drips through, it leaves behind a sediment-free, excellent cup of coffee in just 1-3 minutes.

Stovetop Coffee Makers:

The stovetop percolator offers a compact and nostalgic option for those with limited countertop space. With its classic, rustic charm, consider the Bialetti Moka 3 cup Aluminium Espresso Maker, which brews rich and concentrated coffee using steam pressure.

Brewing Happiness: A Guide to Building A Coffee Station at Home | Minimax

For the Drip Devotee:

Whether you love a classic glass carafe or prefer the sleek lines of a modern stainless-steel machine, a drip coffee machine is a key player in a kitchen coffee station. Look for features like adjustable brewing strengths, programmable timers, and thermal carafes for an ideal brew experience. Once you've found your match, pair it with a beautiful batch of coffee beans, a grinder, filters, and stylish mugs to elevate your daily ritual and savour every sip of slow-brewed happiness.

Brewing Your Way with Essential Coffee Equipment

Once you’ve identified your brewing muse, you’ll need some essential equipment. And with your brewing engine and fuel secured, you might want to elevate your coffee station at home with some personal flair.

Coffee Grinder

Fresh grounds are the soul of a stellar cup. Invest in a quality grinder, like the Breville Dose Control Pro, known for its consistent grind size. Some more affordable grinders, such as the Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder, are also highly recommended for their precision and durability.

Fresh Coffee Beans

Treat yourself to the bounty of freshly roasted beans from local roasters. Experiment with different origins and roast profiles to discover your perfect cup.


For consistency in your brews, a digital scale like the Avanti Large Display Scale is your partner in precision. Weigh your grounds and water to the gram for a consistently delicious cup.


For pour-over enthusiasts, a gooseneck kettle is a game-changer. Its narrow spout allows for controlled water flow, which is crucial for optimal extraction.

Coffee Filters

Choose filters that complement your brewing method, such as paper filters for a drip coffee maker or a reusable metal mesh filter for the French press method.

Stirring Utensils

A gentle stir with a wooden or bamboo spoon ensures an even distribution of grounds and water, leading to a more balanced brew.


For the meticulous home barista, a thermometer helps monitor water temperature, which is crucial for certain brewing methods.

Coffee Mugs or Cups

Your coffee deserves a vessel that reflects your taste. Explore Minimax's selection of mugs and cups, from sleek designs to more whimsical options. Find the perfect companions for your daily coffee ritual.

Carafe or Coffee Pot

For sharing the joy of coffee, a carafe keeps your brew warm and stylish. You could also opt for a smaller pot if it’s a coffee-for-one moment.

Coffee Scoop

A dedicated coffee scoop ensures consistent measurements for even extraction and avoids the perils of over-caffeinated mornings.


For precise brewing times, especially with pour-over methods, a timer is your silent guide to coffee perfection.

Coffee Storage Container

Store your beans in an airtight container, like the Typhoon Coffee Canister, to preserve their precious flavours. A cute canister will also make your kitchen coffee station look nice and tidy.

Milk Frother

If creamy lattes and cappuccinos are your passion, a milk frother opens up a world of barista-inspired possibilities.

Spice Up Your Brew

While the pure essence of coffee itself is a delight, many cultures take it a step further, adding spices to infuse their brews with unique layers of flavour. Here are some spice options to add to your kitchen coffee station inspired by cultures across the globe:

  • Cardamom: Middle Eastern and Indian coffee traditions embrace the warmth of cardamom. Its subtle sweetness works wonderfully with the roasted richness of coffee.
  • Cinnamon. This versatile spice adds a touch of sweet heat. Sprinkle cinnamon directly on your latte for a decadent aroma, or simmer it with your coffee for a deeper and more complex warmth.
  • Star Anise. For a taste of Vietnam, embrace the enigmatic essence of star anise. Create a creamy coffee dream with star anise’s licorice-like notes intertwined with coffee and condensed milk.
  • Black Pepper. Add a playful kick to your Ethiopian coffee with a touch of black pepper. This unexpected twist awakens your senses, adding a subtle yet intriguing dimension to your morning brew.
  • Pinch of Salt. Never underestimate the power of a pinch of salt. In Turkish coffee, a slight sprinkle enhances the depth and complexity of the brew, balancing its bitterness for a truly well-rounded experience.
  • Orange Zest. Embrace the day with bright, citrusy notes that add a refreshing dimension to your coffee. Grate a sliver of zest directly onto your finished cup of brew for a zesty Spanish surprise.

Your Coffee Journey Awaits

Your kitchen coffee station is more than just a space for brewing. It's a sanctuary for mindful mornings and a hub for coffee-fueled creativity. Explore Minimax's curated selection of high-quality coffee equipment, stunning accessories, and stylish storage solutions. Craft your dream coffee station at home, and start each day on the right note.

Shop online or find your nearest Minimax store and let the brewing adventure begin!