How To Make
The Perfect Grazing Table

Minimax Online Posted

Hosting can be stressful and creating a relaxed grazing table is an easy way to keep it a stress free and fun night!

Just flow these five simple steps and you'll create your own stylish grazing table.

Five steps to the perfect grazing table.

1. Height -  If there is no height on the table it will become very flat and two dimensional. Use tiered cake stands to create height.

2. Colour – Make sure all your colours match well and don't clash. 

3. Food -  Choose a variety cheeses, crackers, fruits, nuts, dips and cured meats. 

 4. Texture - Use wooden and marble boards, servers and porcelain bowls.

5. Flowers - As a finishing touch add a bunch of flowers to the table to bring it to life.

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