What makes crystal, crystal?

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Crystal is a glass product which contains minimum 24% metal oxides, including lead, which gives brilliance and strength. The percentage of metal oxides makes the crystal easier to cut, creating beautiful patterns that refract the light. Crystalline is a product which allows similar clarity but contains between 10 - 15% metal oxides.

Why choose crystal?

The advantage of crystal products is in the weight and un-paralleled clarity. The higher the level of metallic oxides the heavier and stronger the product and the more brilliance it will have.

How do I determine if a product is crystal?

When held to the light a glass product will have a green or yellow tint, whilst crystal products are clear – ‘crystal clear’. Crystal makes a beautiful long chime when tapped and when it catches the light vibrant prisms are refracted.

How to care for your crystal

Minimax recommends to hand wash your crystal pieces using a mild detergent and soft cloth or sponge. Do not use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners. After washing, rinse your crystal in clean water and air dry them, or hand dry with a lint-free towel. The rim of any crystal or glassware is naturally the weakest part, so it’s not recommended to place glasses upside down when drying or storing them. When drying by hand, hold the glass by the bowl but avoid twisting the stem and bowl in opposite directions - this action increases the likelihood of the stem snapping.

While Dishwasher Safe, repeated exposure to very hot water and harsh detergents in dishwashers may cause your crystal to develop a cloudy look on the surface. For this reason Minimax does not recommend using a dishwasher for your crystal.

Learn more about our brands of crystal.


Waterford City, Ireland, is home to the House of Waterford Crystal where skilled artisans carry on centuries old traditions of mouth blowing, hand finishing, sculpting and engraving. The Waterford Heritage spans centuries, with origins that date to 18th Century Ireland. Through the years Waterford’s reputation for design and innovation has elevated the brand to a position of worldwide recognition by consumers who consider Waterford the best there is.

Marquis by

Marquis by Waterford combines versatility with value, using classic designs on a crystalline body. The Marquis collection from Waterford provides a suite of stemware and giftware suitable for all occasions, designed to fit today’s lifestyle of stylish and casual entertaining.


With a pedigree dating back to 1815 the Royal Doulton brand is synonymous with creating crystal that has the ability to span generations. Combining modernity with tradition, the rich heritage of the brand seamlessly fits today’s way of life. Striking design and excellent craftsmanship has resulted in collections that deliver the most stunning stemware and home accessories.


A division of Riedel Glassworks, Nachtmann is fine Bavarian crystal, manufactured since 1834. With an artisan heritage stretching back 185 years, Nachtmann have steadily built a reputation as specialists in crystal glassware. A respect for craftsmanship and quality combines with a constant quest for new design, creating the next generation of modern classics in glass.


Established in 1827, Stuart Crystal has maintained its heritage across generations. Their combination of traditional glassmaking techniques combines with modern technology, producing collections of different cuts and designs, adding special moments to everyday life.