Summertime Margarita

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Summertime Margarita Recipe | Minimax

This Summertime Margarita is guaranteed to make your summer days even sweeter! With its subtle sweetness, you can sip this refreshing drink without worrying about overindulging! A blend of honey, thyme, and tequila gives this cocktail the perfect twist on a classic Margarita recipe. The hint of sweet honey is balanced with some lime juice, making it a refreshing and delightful cocktail that everyone will love. So why not mix up this delicious cocktail and enjoy a few moments of summertime bliss? Cheers!

Total Time: 8 minutes

Serving: 1 person


30ml Tequila

30 ml Triple Sec

1 Lime Wedge

1 Lemon Wedge

100ml Ocean Spray Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice


Ice Cubes


Sea Salt


  • 01

    Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.

  • 02

    Add tequila and triple sec.

  • 03

    Squeeze in the lime and lemon wedges.

  • 04

    Pour in the grapefruit juice and add a few sprigs of thyme.

  • 05

    Shake the ingredients together vigorously for 8 seconds.

  • 06

    Place the cocktail shaker to the side.

  • 07

    Grab a cocktail glass and dip drizzle honey around the rim of the glass.

  • 08

    In a shallow plate of salt lightly spin the rim of the glass so that the salt sticks to the honey.

  • 09

    Carefully pour the cocktail mix into the glass with a cocktail strainer.

  • 10

    Discard any remaining ice cubes or thyme sprigs during the straining process.

  • 11

    Garnish the top of the cocktail with a thyme sprig and serve.

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