Love is in the Air: A Romantic Dinner At Home - Ideas & Tips To Set The Mood


While every dame and gentleman would love to go out to a fine restaurant for a romantic evening to the nines, dining out can get expensive quickly, particularly with a couple of bottles of fine wine thrown and the dreaded surcharge.

Yet, despite what many people might think, a romantic dinner at home, alone, without disruption, is truly a wonderful way to celebrate your love, all while enjoying each other's company. 

To make it just right, you need to think ahead. And with a bit of help from Minimax, we can turn even a low-key romantic dinner into one of passion. Love is in the air, so let's set the mood.

Set the mood, light a few candles– get passionate with your romantic dinner ideas. Check out our five must-haves for a romantic dinner at home.

1. Location, Location, Location

If you can, find a location where you don't normally eat, so the night feels even more special. If you have a dining room table that you never use, now’s the time to use it. If the weather is fine and you have a garden or deck, particularly one with a view, we recommend eating outside. For something a little quirky, why not eat in the kitchen. The countertop is a fantastic location for several activities, not just eating and cooking.

2. Break out the fine china

We all have that set of 'special occasion' china, napkins, glassware, and cutlery tucked away in a cupboard. Well, that special occasion is a meal between you and your boo. Get everything out, give them a good clean and polish before laying them out for a spectacular looking table setting. 

Of course, if your fine china is no longer looking fine, Minimax will save the day and the night, with exquisite place settings to create the perfect romantic dinner at home. 

3. Ramp up the romance

Candles are essential for a romantic dinner at home. Whether they smell good or not, a few flickering flames is a simple way to ramp up the romance. Scatter a few tea lights around the place in harmony with other candles. 

If you are looking for fragrance, Minimax has you covered too. For an earthy scent throughout your home, Palm Beach Collection Clove & Sandalwood Tealights will create a beautiful ambience in every room.

Flowers and rose petals scattered around the room can also add an incredible feeling of romance. And consider a rose centrepiece for the table. They look spectacular! Just be careful they're not too tall as you want to see each other across the table. 

And for that perfect touch of romance to the ambience in the room, play some soft jazz or romantic music low in the background, as long as it's not too distracting.

4. Dress up

If you were going out to dinner somewhere special, you'd take a shower, dress up and put on some perfume or cologne. So why not dress up for a special dinner at home? Go all out with a suit and tie and a ballroom gown, or keep things sharp and casual with your best going out clothes before you get you down. A romantic dinner at home is not complete without your finest.

5. Forget the world

While there’s nothing wrong with little ones, a romantic evening with your partner isn’t exactly kid-friendly. If you have kids, arrange a babysitter - away from home - well in advance.

Furthermore, turn off your phones, TV, radio, and just focus only on each other. Once all the distractions are taken care of, all that remains is passion and romance.

Romantic Dinner Ideas

There's an endless number of ways you can enjoy your romantic dinner at home together. From the formal to the casual, inside and out and in almost every room you can think of. Here are five suggestions to get your mind thinking and your heart racing.

1. Elegance

Going upmarket at home for a romantic dinner for two is an absolute delight. Our recommendation would be to start with white as a foundational colour. Just about every colour contrasts against white - particularly red. So use it to draw your partner's attention to it.

Start by laying down a crisp white tablecloth, then add white china, white napkins, beautifully polished silver cutlery alongside elegant glassware. The classic design of Krosno Harmony Stemless Wine Glasses is the perfect choice for a contemporary dinner setting in your home.

Now that you have the settings sorted, have some fun with the colour red - but don't overdo it. Add some spectacular red roses in a short vase in the middle of the table will set the table off beautifully. Then add one or two small red touches to each setting. A red napkin ring or a single red rose on the side plate are enough. 

For some table romance, the Nachtmann Saphir 24cm Vase is a beautifully crafted crystal glass vase created especially for a bouquet of flowers - like red roses.

And for a bit of ambience, red and white tea lights around the table and the room will add an atmosphere of elegance to your romantic dinner.

2. Indoor picnic

With the weather being warmer during February, what could be more wonderful than a picnic on your back lawn? Alternatively, lay that picnic rug down on the living room floor if you're in an apartment or the weather isn't so warm.

A picnic is a fun way to have a more casual dinner together with maybe a cheese platter, some freshly baked bread, smoked meats, or even a beautifully laid out charcuterie board. Pair that with a lovely bottle of wine and enjoy a wonderfully romantic 'picnic' together.

Of course, if your charcuterie or serving board has seen better days, serve up a little style and elegance with Peer Sorensen Beechwood Serving Board with a Duck Egg Blue Trim.

3. Takeaway has its place

Yes, while we advised against eating out at your favourite restaurant, we didn't say they couldn't come to you. 

Give yourself the night off and order in from your favourite restaurant. Or, for a culinary smorgasbord, order a few dishes from a few different restaurants. Pad Thai with a side of pizza? How romantic.

Keep the whole night quite casual and fun with a few cocktails while you're waiting for the food to arrive. Chuck on your favourite retro tunes for a romantic sing-along.

4. Go green

If you like the idea of being outdoors but want something a little more 'sit down', a romantic dinner for two on the deck or lawn is a beautiful way to share a romantic evening together - particularly if you have a lush garden to envelop you in your own little slice of paradise.

The best part about dining outside is the ability to dress it up or down, depending on how far you want to take things. Casual and fine dining is equally at home, and with some gorgeous table decorations, the whole scene can be super romantic.

5. Keep it simple

Romance doesn't necessarily have to be about big, bold reds and vibrant colours. You can create an equally romantic table setting with a softer palette.

Set the table with baby pink side plates and choose copper or rose gold candlestick holders. Of course, you'll need a floral centrepiece. So use plenty of light pinks and creams with a peony spray in your floral centrepiece for an understated romantic dinner at home.

Dinner With Minimax

If setting the table is still a mystery to you, read our complete on setting a dinner table for every occasion. And if you need ideas for what to cook, the Minimax style blog has a variety of delicious recipes for you and your special someone to enjoy.