Midnight Melody

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Midnight Melody Recipe | Minimax

Explore the perfect fusion of whisky's luxurious notes with the indulgence of dark chocolate in our Midnight Melody cocktail. 


50ml 78° Muscat Finish Whiskey

50ml Orange Liqueur

200 ml Stout


Dark Chocolate Shavings (for garnish)


  • 01

    Fill a glass with ice to create a refreshing base.

  • 02

    Pour 50ml of 78° Muscat Finish Whiskey and 50ml of orange liqueur into the glass.

  • 03

    Gently stir the mixture to blend the flavors.

  • 04

    Slowly pour the stout into the glass.

  • 05

    Complete your Midnight Melody by garnishing it with dark chocolate shavings.

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