Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware

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Hosting a dinner party is an experience like no other. It doesn't matter whether you're celebrating a special occasion, hosting a formal event, or simply enjoying your dad's famous Spag Bol - the magic of gathering around the table with delicious food and great company is truly something special. And to ensure your dinner party is a success, you'll need a few essential items to set the scene.

In this article, we'll explore must-have items such as dinnerware, servingware, and tableware, as well as some fun decor ideas to make your evening unforgettable. Plus, we'll provide tips on choosing a theme to impress your guests. So, let's get started! Get your guest list ready because Minimax has all the dinner party essentials you need for a truly unforgettable evening.

Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware | Minimax

Dinner Party Dinnerware

Essential dinnerware items are crucial for hosting a successful dinner party. Dinner plates in a classic design are a must, and side plates for bread or salads and soup bowls if soup is on the menu. Investing in high-quality cutlery can elevate the presentation of your food and make it more enjoyable to eat.

But then again, there’s nothing wrong with your standard knife, spoon and fork.

Atmosphere Matters

Choosing a style of dinnerware means considering the atmosphere of the dining experience you're looking to create. The dinnerware you choose extends your overall design aesthetic, complementing your table setting and enhancing the ambience. Be it casual, formal or somewhere in-between, atmosphere matters.

The Casual Setting

For a casual setting, opt for more vibrant and playful dinnerware designs. Think of intricate patterns and bold colours to enhance the occasion. These everyday style choices will add a sense of warmth to the dining experience, the ideal atmosphere for family gatherings or friendly get-togethers.

Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware | Minimax

Formal Dining

As for creating a more formal or elegant atmosphere, it's time for more traditional options, which means choosing dinnerware with a classic and timeless look. Think white or ivory pieces with delicate accents, like gold or silver trim. Traditional dinnerware options lend a sense of sophistication and refinement, enhancing the overall dining experience. Just like dressing to impress, dining has a similar effect.

Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware | Minimax

Themed Dining

Another aspect to consider is the theme of your dining area or event. For example, if you're hosting a themed dinner party, you'll want to select dinnerware that complements the theme, whether nautical, vintage, or modern. In such cases, choose dinnerware with design elements that reflect the desired theme, such as rustic stoneware for a farmhouse-inspired event or geometric patterns for a contemporary feel. Remember that your dinnerware should not only coordinate with your theme and be functional and practical for the type of cuisine you'll be serving.

It's crucial to consider the theme and tone you wish to achieve in your dining space when selecting the perfect dinnerware style. We recommend carefully weighing your options: balance aesthetics and functionality to create a pleasant and memorable dining experience for you and your guests.

Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware | Minimax

Dinnerware Style Choices

There are many different styles of dinnerware to choose from, from classic white to bold and colourful. With these dinnerware essentials, you can create a stylish and functional table setting to impress your guests. So here are a few things to consider when choosing your dinnerware:

Classic White

• Whether for formal entertaining or everyday family use, Pillivuyt French Porcelain dinnerware will add style and sophistication to your dining.

Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware | Minimax

Maxwell & Williams Cashmere collection allows you to experience luxurious dining daily.

Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware | Minimax

Bold & Colourful

• If you want a fun and unique way to serve dinner, check out these bold and colourful plates from Bitossi.

Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware | Minimax

• Bring a Japanese aesthetic to your dinner table and serve delicious cuisines with Concept Japan.

Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware | Minimax

• If you're looking for a unique and stylish way to serve your favourite condiments, then you need to check out the Salt & Pepper Relic collection.

Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware | Minimax

• Featuring a dipped colour design and impressed with the '1815' mark, the Royal Doulton Brights collection is the perfect vibrant expression of relaxed dining and entertaining.

Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware | Minimax

• The quirky design of the Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage collection is sure to add some fun and fresh style to your dinner table.

Dinner Party Essentials: Dinnerware, Servingware & Tableware | Minimax

Choosing The Right Dinnerware Material

Dinnerware is available in various materials, such as porcelain, bone china, and stoneware, each with advantages and disadvantages. To make an informed decision, consider the factors that matter most to you, including durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and budget.


Stoneware offers a more casual and rustic aesthetic, making it a fantastic alternative to the classic white found on most dinner tables. Its sturdiness and resistance to chipping make it a practical choice for everyday dining; however, stoneware is typically heavier and more opaque than porcelain or bone china, and it often features more organic, earthy designs. While it may not be as elegant as its counterparts, stoneware is generally more affordable and easier to care for, making it a popular choice for those who value practicality and durability.

•  The Casero 12 Piece Set Penn Steel Dinner Set is made of sturdy materials and contains twelve pieces, making it a great addition to any kitchen.

•  With its hand-thrown appearance, Denby Kiln dinnerware is a timeless, beautiful, versatile piece.

•  Designed in Australia and crafted from durable stoneware, the result is a milky white dinnerware collection that can effortlessly stand alone or combine with coloured pieces from the wider Speckle range to add bold accents.


Porcelain, a popular choice for dinnerware, is known for its delicate and refined appearance and durability. Though it may appear fragile, high-quality porcelain is resistant to chipping and staining, making it suitable for everyday use and special occasions. However, due to its delicate nature, porcelain tends to be more expensive than other materials and may require extra care when handling and washing.

•  Adam Liaw dinnerware boasts a soft ivory tone and is chip and scratch-resistant for everyday dining.

•  Royal Doulton dinnerware is both a stylish and durable porcelain option.

Fine Bone China

Fine Bone China, like porcelain, is prized for its elegant and sophisticated look, with the added benefit of being even lighter and more translucent. This solid material makes it an excellent choice for those who value beauty and durability. However, bone china can be costly, and its intricate designs may make it more challenging to maintain. It's essential to handle these pieces carefully and follow any specific care instructions the manufacturer provides.

• The Maxwell & Williams Cashmere collection is made from the highest quality fine bone china for a daily luxurious dining experience. 

It's important to weigh the pros and cons of each option, taking into account factors such as durability, maintenance, appearance, and cost. By carefully considering your needs and preferences, you can choose a material that works for your dining experiences and enhances the overall atmosphere and aesthetic of your table setting.

Dinner Party Serveware

The right servingware can make a significant difference when hosting a dinner party. A selection of serving platters can help you present your main course elegantly and sophisticatedly. A salad bowl is also helpful if you plan on serving a salad. Additionally, having a gravy boat and a sauce boat can make it easier to serve sauces and gravies.

Make sure to have a set of serving utensils on hand, including spoons, ladles, and tongs for serving various dishes. Other serveware items include a bread basket or side plate and a cheese board for presenting cheese and crackers.

With these serveware essentials, you can create a beautiful and practical table setting to impress your guests.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your serveware:

1. Ensure your serveware is the right size for the food and drinks you'll serve. You don't want to have to refill the pitcher every five minutes!

2. Your serveware should match your dinnerware in style and colour.

3. Serveware can be made from various materials, including glass, ceramic, and metal. Choose one that matches your evening’s theme.

Minimax Recommendations:

• Boasting an eye-catching pearl white colour, the stunning design and robust material of the Costa Nova Pearl collection ensure reliable performance for years to come.

• Perfect for everyday and special occasions alike, the vibrant green glaze of Casafina Fontana Servingware is a treat for the eyes.

• With Epicurean Cuisine servingware, you’ll have a highlight for any table.

Dinner Party Tableware

To host a memorable dinner party, having the right tableware is crucial. Tableware encompasses everything from tablecloths and placemats to napkins and candles.

A tablecloth can create an elegant and formal atmosphere, while placemats provide a more casual and relaxed feel. Make sure to have enough napkins for each guest, and consider adding some decorative napkin rings to add a touch of sophistication to your table setting. Candles can also help create a warm and welcoming ambience.

Lastly, remember to have a centrepiece, such as a vase of flowers or a decorative bowl, to add a finishing touch to your table. With these tableware essentials, you can create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your tableware:

1. Choose tableware that complements your dinnerware and serveware in colour.

2. Tableware can be made from various materials, including cotton, linen, and polyester. 

3. There are many different styles of tableware to choose from, from classic to modern. 

Dinner Party Glassware

When it comes to hosting a dinner party, having the proper glassware can make all the difference to the atmosphere of your evening. While a single water glass and wine glass will get you by on most casual occasions, a few essential glassware pieces for a dinner party can take things to the next level.

Wine glasses for red and white wine, champagne flutes for toasting, and water glasses for staying hydrated.

Additionally, having a set of highball glasses for cocktails or other mixed drinks can add a touch of sophistication to your event. Remember to choose glassware that fits your style and complements your dinnerware and tableware selections.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your glassware:

1. Consider the type of drinks you will be serving. If you plan on serving a glass of red and white wine, you'll need a set of wine glasses for each. If you plan on serving cocktails or other mixed drinks, have the appropriate glasses for each drink.

2. Investing in high-quality glassware can make a significant difference in the overall presentation and enjoyment of your drinks.

3. Choosing glassware that complements your table setting and overall decor is essential.

Minimax Recommendations:

• Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a quiet night in, Krosno Harmony Glassware is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite drinks.

• The Spiegelau Glassware collection is the ideal accent for any bar set because of its lovely style and form.

Pasabahce Timeless Glasses are perfect for adding a touch of contemporary style to any home bar collection.

• When you’ve poured your soul into creating the perfect dish, you deserve to pour your wine into a perfect glass – and that glass is a Riedel from Minimax.

Dinner Party Decor

Hosting a successful dinner party involves more than just delicious food and drinks. Your decor choices can significantly impact the evening ahead, whether balloons and streamers for a birthday party or a few candles for a more intimate affair. Your chosen decorations will determine the ambience well before food hits your plate.

To create a warm and inviting ambience, consider incorporating essential decor items such as a tablecloth or runner to protect your table and set the tone, candles or fairy lights for a cosy glow, and fresh flowers or greenery to add a pop of colour and natural beauty, and decorative napkins or place cards to add a personal touch for your guests.

Here are some more fun decor ideas for the dining table and beyond:

1. Candles: Candles create a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for any evening festivities. Choose scented candles for an added touch of luxury.

2. Flowers: Fresh flowers add colour and fragrance to your dinner party table. Choose flowers that complement your theme, with a vase to match.

3. Table Runner: A table runner can add a pop of colour or texture to your dinner party table. Choose one that complements the rest of your dinner party decor.

4. Place Cards: Place cards can add a personal touch and help guests find seats. Choose stylish place cards that match your dinner party theme.

5. Lighting: The proper lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for the evening. Choose soft lighting or dimmer switches to set the mood. 

Dinner Party Theme

Selecting a dinner party theme can add extra fun and excitement to your event. Instead of sticking to a typical theme, such as a particular cuisine or colour scheme, consider choosing a unique and creative theme that will surprise and delight your guests.

For example, you could host a murder mystery dinner party, where guests are assigned roles and must solve a fictional crime together.

Alternatively, a '1920s speakeasy' theme could transport guests back in time with vintage decor, cocktails, and attire. Another idea is to have a 'world tour' theme, where each course features a different cuisine from around the globe, allowing guests to experience a variety of flavours and cultures.

Whatever theme you choose, ensure it's tailored to your guests' interests and preferences and executed with attention to detail for a memorable evening.

Here are some more fun decor ideas for the dining table and beyond:

1. Italian Night: Host an Italian-themed dining experience with pasta, wine, and Italian music for your guests.

2. Taco Tuesday: Who says you can't enjoy yourself on a weeknight? Host a Taco Tuesday dinner party with all the fixings. If not during the week, consider a weekend Spanish Fiesta followed by a Sunday Siesta.

3. Masquerade Ball: Host a formal event with a masquerade ball theme. Encourage guests to wear masks and dress in their finest attire.

4. Wine and Cheese Tasting: Host a wine and cheese tasting party with a selection of cheeses and wines to try.

5. Brunch Party: Skip the late-night finish and host a brunch party during the day. Think mimosas, pancakes, and fresh fruit.


Q: How do I choose a suitable dinner party theme?

A: Consider your guests' interests, the time of year, and the occasion. Choose a theme that will be fun and memorable for everyone.

Q: How do I set the table for a dinner party?

A: Start with a tablecloth or placemats, then add dinnerware, serveware, and tableware. Add decorations like candles and flowers to create a memorable atmosphere.

Q: How many courses should I serve at a dinner party?

A: It depends on the occasion and your guests' preferences. A dinner party typically has at least three courses - a starter, a main course, and dessert.

Who’s Coming For Dinner?

Hosting a dinner party requires effort but can also be incredibly rewarding. With the right dinner party essentials, such as dinnerware, servingware, tableware, fun decor, and a well-thought-out theme, you can create a truly unforgettable event that your guests will cherish for years to come. So, don't wait any longer - start planning your next dinner party today! With Minimax's selection of essential dinner party items, you're sure to impress your guests and create a night to remember.