Step by Step Dessert Board


Step by Step Dessert Board

A dessert board is probably the most fun you can have presenting a sweet course without all the hassle and preparation of hours in the kitchen.    

The fun thing about a dessert board is pretty much nothing is off limits. It's more about the enjoyment you can have dreaming up a real crowd pleaser for family and friends, often in no time at all.    

What you put on your dessert board is entirely up to you. And while the finished board may look a little daunting, if you follow our step by step guide as a kind of basis for your own sweet creation, you'll soon see how easy and entertaining a dessert course can be.      


Step 1: Pick a board. A pretty wooden board, ceramic platter or marble platter will be perfect. It's what you put on it and how you arrange it that matters.  

Step 2: Place a few small bowls on the board and fill them with raspberries, a hazelnut spread and you can't pass up melt in the mouth chocolate truffles. Keep the bowls simple and let the fillings speak for themselves.  

Step 3: Spread some beautiful dark Belgian chocolate broken into bite size blocks around one side of the board. Vary the sizes a little to give everyone choice.  

Step 4: Some milk chocolate around the opposite side perfectly balances the board. But we're entertaining! Throw some fruit chocolate on as well just to liven things up.  

Step 5: Add your favourite dried fruit. Apricots are always a hit.

Step 6: Speaking of chocolate, let's put some more on, along with some cashew nuts always a party favourite.  

Step 7: Macadamia nuts are to die for as well. So spread them out and fill a few gaps. You can never have too many.  

Step 8: Add some more fruit. Blueberries are always a great choice, but whatever berries are in season will work beautifully. And for the finishing touch some fresh roses.