Crêpes Chez Henry

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Crêpes Chez Henry Recipe | Minimax


Experience the enchantment of this delightful crêpe recipe from Solidtecknics. With only four simple ingredients, these scrumptious crêpes offer a remarkable lightness and a flawlessly thin texture. They provide a perfect canvas for an array of sweet and savoury toppings, making them a versatile treat suitable for any occasion.


1 3/4C plain flour

2.5C whole milk (add more milk for a thinner batter that’s easier to swirl over the pan)

3 large eggs, room temp

70g melted salted butter, plus more for iron skillet between crepes


  • 01

    Mix all ingredients together well in a mixing bowl to remove lumps, and let stand for an hour. Or just cook if you can’t wait.

  • 02

    Preheat AUS-ION crepe pan over medium-low heat. Add half a teaspoon of butter and spread it around the pan as it melts.

  • 03

    Pour in enough batter to cover pan 1-2mm thick after spreading. Spread by lifting pan and gyrating (the pan), or with a crêpe t-stick.

  • 04

    Wait until edges start to lift naturally, then slip a pallet knife or spatula under and flip in one motion.

  • 05

    Serve with your favourite toppings! A squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of honey is great!

Scale up the mix and use multiple pans for hungry mobs!

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Crêpes Chez Henry Recipe | Minimax
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