21 Best Gift Ideas To Buy For Bakers

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What do you buy the baker who has everything for Christmas? Sometimes it takes work to find the right gifts for bakers, especially if they already have a lot of baking equipment. That's where we can help; Minimax is home to all manner of baking Christmas gifts that would make any pie maker or bread baker happy.

Instead of what they don’t have, think of your baker - and their kitchen - in another way. What could be upgraded or replaced? What would make a nice little indulgence for them this Christmas? Are there new recipes you can share with them?

Whatever it is that will grab the fancy of your baking buddy, Minimax is sure to help make their Christmas brighter and merrier with bakeware galore. Finding gift ideas for someone who likes to bake has never been easier!

While some of our ideas might seem a little obvious to any serious baker, be they novice or accomplished, they're a must-have in the kitchen. Discover more baking presents than a baker’s dozen with the 21 best gifts for baking lovers.

This is the Minimax gift guide for the baker in your life.

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1. The Wooden Spoon

Every baker needs a wooden spoon. In fact, every baker needs many wooden spoons. They're the most straightforward and least expensive tool in the kitchen and a must-have in that second or third draw. Our Good Grips large wooden spoon is beautifully created with an ergonomic handle to make mixing that much easier.

2. Dish it out

These days there's a baking dish for every recipe - or so it seems. Our extensive range of baking dishes makes the perfect gift for any baker, from inexpensive Maxwell and Williams ramekins to top-of-the-range Le Creuset large baking dishes. 

3. Say no more

For the baker who has almost everything, the Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer is the mixer by which others are measured. Its signature, classic retro design and stunning looks will complement any decor. Featuring 10 speeds, a tilt-head and a range of included accessories, it's a must-have in the kitchen.

4. Rolly Polly

Despite what you might think, not all rolling pins are the same. Upgrade your baker buddy to our marble rolling pin. This essential tool is ideal for rolling out any kind of pizza, pastry, and biscuit dough as it keeps it cool, and best of all, the dough won't get stuck to the rolling pin. 

5. Magnifique

There's very little that hasn't been said in the past about Le Creuset. It's no wonder they’re widely regarded as the world's finest cast iron cookware. No matter your baker's specialty, you'll find a Le Creuset skillet, casserole dish grill and, of course, their famous French Oven that they'll cherish for a lifetime of baking.

6. That's amore

If you enjoy making pizzas at home, they must be done just right. That means gently toasting a lovely light crispy base on a hot stone. A pizza stone is the best cooking surface for that 'to die for' pizza.

Our 33cm Dish pizza stone will have the baker of the house creating Italian masterpieces every time they cook. Now, sing it with me, everyone, “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie!”

7. One addition

For one minute, your favourite baker already has a Kitchenaid mixer in their kitchen. What else could they possibly need? Kitchenaid's Sifter and Scale Attachment, of course! It takes baking to a new level, with unsurpassed precision for the most demanding creative bakers who want consistent results batch after batch

8. Get in for their chop

Yes, chopping boards fall into the 'you can never have enough' category. They’ve become so specialised. In fact, there's one for every job in the kitchen.

To help you sort through which is which, these Oxo Good Grips chopping boards are colour coded to keep you organised. Plus, the little non-slip feet stop the boards from moving around while you're chopping up a storm.

9. Dress the part

If your favourite baker enjoys whipping cream and beating eggs, they might as well look the part in a beautiful 100% cotton apron from Ulster Weavers. Created by their in-house designers in Northern Ireland, the colourful Bee Keeper apron is the perfect gift for any baker, with vibrant colours on a natural oat-coloured background. And the matching oven gloves and gauntlets are available too!

10. We've got a crush

Another "I wish I bought one of it sooner" gift for any baker is the Green Rocker Garlic Crusher. So simple and elegant in its design; just roll the crusher over a garlic clove, and it will be squeezed through the holes for easy-to-use fresh garlic every time.

11. In the hand

The Kitchenaid 9-speed Hand Mixer is the perfect small appliance for any baker in the cupboard for smaller dishes. Ideal for mixing, kneading, whipping and blending, the Hand Mixer is a delight to hold and perfectly balanced with nine variable speeds to suit just about any recipe. What's more, it comes with a pair of beaters, hooks, a Kitchenaid Pro Whisk and more.

12. Take stock

A stockpot is not only the perfect addition but the essential kitchen addition for anyone who cooks in bulk. Our Scanpan 11-litre stockpot is made from high-quality stainless steel and features a glass lid for keeping an eye on things while it cooks. Moreover, it's oven-safe up to 220/250° C with or without the top. 

13. Stack 'em, pack 'em and rack 'em

As the old adage says, there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Following it to a tee is our range of Typhoon storage products. Designed in Liverpool, England and available in black or white, these classic storage units make fabulous gifts to suit just about any kitchen decor. The cookie jar or the cake tins would make for a fine baker's present.

14. Some of our finest cuts

Anyone who spends time in the kitchen will tell you that a good quality knife is essential when preparing food, no matter what they’re preparing. And yet, there are good knives, and then there are great knives - like the Global Classic 20cm Cooks knife. Gracing the kitchens of homes, diners, restaurants and everything around the world, the Global 'Cooks Knife' is one of the finest and most versatile knives available. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for any lucky baker..

15. Slice of life

This is one of those kitchen tools you never knew you needed until you tried it. The OXO Good Grips Corer does what its name suggests brilliantly. There's nothing else to say for a practical, fun and inexpensive gift! Give a baker the sweetest slice of life this Christmas.

16. A helping hand

A stick blender is a convenient 'small appliance' for a baker to have at their disposal. The Bamix Classic Black Stick Blender features two speeds, controlled with just two buttons, to make chopping, mixing, pureeing, stirring, kneading and combining an absolute breeze. And being Swiss-made, you know its superior quality will ensure it performs flawlessly year after year.

17. Just peachy

Every once in a while, even bakers deserve a sneaky little treat while they bake. Origin Tea's Tropical Kiss Iced Tea Syrup adds a unique blend of soursop and Ceylon green tea, creating a tantalising flavour that is sure to please. We can't think of anything more refreshing on a summer's day.

18. The spice of life

In one way or another, herbs and spices are essential ingredients in just about everything a baker cooks. So what better gift than a herbs and spices revolving rack that includes 16 filled jars with all the bare essentials for home cooking.

19. Keep your eyes peeled

The Zyliss Smooth Glide Swivel Peeler is the epitome of what it means to peel. Its lightweight, ergonomically designed handle fits perfectly in hand, and the extra hardened solid steel blade keeps its edge for unrivalled peeling. With an included protective blade cover, it's no wonder it’s guaranteed for five years.

20. Sweet and sour

It's 'old school', contains no moving parts and is made of wood. But it's one of the handiest items a baker can have in the kitchen. The Grand Designs 4-in-1 Citrus Reamer is a quick and easy way to juice a lemon, lime, or another citrus. Its perfectly shaped grip and pointed tip make dislodging seeds a breeze.

The built-in stainless steel knife and zester mean you can cut, juice, and zest your fruit with just one tool. Oh, and the Zester has two gauges for thin strips of zest, perfect for baking. Even wannabe cocktail makers can enjoy this citrus reamer. Just adjust the Zester to make thicker curls for garnishing drinks.

21. Worth their salt

Salt and/or pepper find their way into just about everything a baker cooks. So a great way to spoil them this Christmas is with a gift that's as functional as it is practical (and at the same time just a bit cool) - electronic salt and pepper mills. Grinding seasoning into foods and meals with just the touch of a button is significantly more convenient than traditional salt and pepper mills and a lot of fun.

Gifts For Bakers with Minimax

Now that the bakers are sorted with their bakeware and baking Christmas gifts, it’s time to find gifts for everybody else. Find the perfect present from our Minimax catalogues and treat everybody to a festive holiday season!