Australian Home Christmas Decoration Ideas


Australian Home Christmas Decoration Ideas

Everyone loves playing ‘holiday stylist' in the lead up to Christmas. After all, it's one of the most rewarding and joyful parts of the festive season. 

From simple table decorations and Christmas tree ideas to decorating entire households, whatever plans you have for the festive season, Minimax has you sorted for all your Christmas decorations.  

With just about everything you'll need to introduce that wonderful Christmas spirit into your home, you’ll be singing, it's beginning to look a lot like a Minimax Christmas in no time.  

If you're still in a bit of a quandary as to what you might do this year, we've put together a fabulous list of Australian home Christmas decorating ideas, some tips and, of course, a few fantastic products that won't break the bank.

Knock knock 

A Christmas wreath on your front door is a lovely way to greet family and guests. We have a fabulous range, including gorgeous red berry and leaf wreaths that would be perfect for any home. For a more personal touch, create your own unique design. Thin out some of the berries and weave into the wreath flowers, leaves and branches from your own garden - Australian natives can look spectacular! On the other hand, if you want something that will last, we have some beautiful Poinsettia ornaments that would look gorgeous woven into a wreath. 

Hanging about

When you think of Christmas ornaments and baubles, you naturally assume the best place for them is on your Christmas tree. That's true, but it's not all they can be used for. Our fabulous Gold/White or Red/White baubles can look wonderful hanging from exposed beams, in windows or from shelves anywhere in your home. 

Stop and smell the gingerbread

Fill your home with the aromas of Christmas with some of our beautifully scented candles. You don't need many to give any room for the smell of fresh pine, lemon myrtle or even passionfruit pavlova and gingerbread.  

Branch out

Not every Christmas tree has to be based around the traditional pine tree. Some branches from the garden can look equally festive, particularly when they're decorated with some of our unique decorations, such as wooden Santas or Donna Sharam ornaments.

Deck the tables

Charger plates are customarily reserved for the most formal of dinner settings. But why not add some festive charger plate cheer to any family Christmas tabletop with our fabulous Christmas themed chargers in rose gold, silver, gold or red.

It has to be pav

An Australian Christmas lunch wouldn't be complete without a traditional pavlova to finish proceedings. Of course, you'll need the absolute essential item from which to serve it - a white pavlova platter that'll be perfect for any special occasion.

Bow wow!

Why should you have all the fun at Christmas when your dog or cat can join in as well. Our dog treat advent calendars are the perfect way to reward your furry friend with a tasty treat behind 24 doors. And don’t worry cat lovers, we’ve got a cat treat advent calendar for your feline friend.

Go to town

The younger members of the family will adore having a rustic little village on display at Christmas. Each village building from French Country features a tealight candle inside for a warm, homey glow through the windows. Collect as few or as many as you need to fill whatever space you have.

Make light work of Christmas lights

Christmas lights are the quickest and easiest way to turn any space - inside or out - into a magical fairyland. Our 10 metre and 20-metre lights can be strung across open spaces to provide a lovely soft glow. And don't forget, your trees and large shrubs out in the garden will also look stunning with lights decorating their branches or simply wound around them.

Float your boat

If you have a swimming pool or even a pond, a spectacular way to bring it to life at night is with tealights floating on the surface. As long as it's not too windy, tealights will gently move around on the surface with the gentlest of breezes and stay lit for the life of the party.

Have a crack

Everyone loves Christmas crackers, and have we got a range for you! From Santa and nutcracker themed crackers to mistletoe and plain Christmas coloured crackers, there's something for everyone and decor. Plus, as we love our pets as much as you do, we even have 'noiseless' crackers for your dog or cat with a special treat inside.

What's cooking?

Whether it's gingerbread, cookies, biscuits or shortbread, kids love baking, particularly at Christmas. And we've got everyone's imagination covered with just about everything you need for Christmas baking - including complete gingerbread kits that the kids will just adore.

Christmas at Minimax

With the decorations sorted, it’s off to the dining table for Christmas lunch. If you’re in charge of cooking this year, be sure to check out our Cookware for a superb range of top-quality pots, pans, dishes and appliances from leading European brands.