3 Piece Knife Set

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3 Piece Knife Set New

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It is often asked why Global knives stay sharp so long without sharpening. The combination of the elements molybdenum and vanadium is one reason, but even as the Global straight edge gets dull it is still much thinner, and, therefore, much sharper than a knife with a beveled edge.

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In the world of the culinary arts, you'll discover there are knives, and then there are Global knives from Minimax. For centuries, Japanese swordsmiths have been perfecting the ultimate blade, and while the age of the samurai is long gone, the dedication to the art has been inherited by the fastidious craftsmen at Global. However it's not just in the keenness of the blade that Global's exceptional quality glistens like a razor. Hold any hand-crafted Global knife in your fingers and immediately you'll experience the flawless balance that extends from the tip of the blade through to the comfort of the handle. Whatever your task, from filleting fish and slicing tomatoes to carving up the Sunday roast, you can be sure that, with a meticulously engineered Global knife from Minimax in your hand, you'll always be at the leading edge of cuisine.

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